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Author Topic: Used: Futaba T8FG 14 channel lipo powered with 2 (two) recievers  (Read 3032 times)
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« on: August 26, 2013, 10:53:57 PM »

Price: 1300QA

    12 proportional channels
    2 switched channels
    Integrated FASST 2.4GHz design
    2048 resolution
    SensorTouchâ„¢ programming
    Airplane, heli & glider software
    20-model internal memory, unlimited with secure digital memory card
    Compatible with 32MB to 2GB secure digital memory cards*
    Mode 1-4 selectable
    Customizable user menu
    Direct access to timers, channel mode & model selection
    2-touch access to system, linkage & model menus
    Assignable switches/functions
    10-character user & model naming
    Model select, copy & reset
    Data transfer
    All-channel & battery fail-safes
    Sub-trims, servo reversing, dual rates, expo & EPA with separate limit settings
    Digital trims & memory, with step or % display option
    128 x 64 backlit LCD w/auto-off timer, normal/large timer display options, adjustable contrast & brightness
    Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
    Model & system timers
    Trainer system w/channel/function options
    Sticks w/ball-bearing gimbals, length & tension adjustments
    Stick calibration menus

Airplane Features

    7 wing types
    5 programmable mixes, plus:
    Aileron/Rudder mix
    Rudder/Aileron mix
    Rudder/Elevator mix
    Snap roll
    Fuel mix
    5-point throttle curve
    Throttle delay
    Gyro Function w/up to 3 gyro rates
    Motor menu w/speed adjustment
    Variable pitch prop support

Helicopter Features

    6 swash plate types
    5 programmable mixes, plus:
    4 swash mixes (aileron/elevator, elevator/aileron, pitch/aileron & pitch/elevator)
    3 throttle mixes (to aileron, elevator & rudder)
    5-point throttle & pitch/rudder mixing
    5 conditions w/delay per channel
    5-point throttle & pitch curves
    Throttle hold
    Hovering throttle & pitch
    High/low pitch rates
    3-Axis gyro support with 3 different rates
    Governor functions

Glider Features

    10 wing types
    5 programmable mixes, plus:
    Aileron/Rudder mix
    Rudder/Aileron mix
    5 conditions w/delay per channel
    4 virtual mixing channels
    Gyro functions w/separate rates for up to 3 gyros
    Motor menu w/speed adjustment


1 Futaba RS108SB 8 channel
1 Futaba R6008 HS 8 channel

My redundant radio since I have DX8,
perfect for airplane and throttle stick configured for fixed wing.

* IMG_0262.JPG (241.21 KB, 816x612 - viewed 814 times.)

* IMG_0263.JPG (193.7 KB, 612x816 - viewed 850 times.)

* IMG_0264.JPG (240.54 KB, 816x612 - viewed 874 times.)

* IMG_0265.JPG (132.16 KB, 816x612 - viewed 876 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 02:41:15 PM »

item sold
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